Outset is now Next Chapter, a Guild Education outskilling solution! New organization, same mission.  Visit guildeducation.com/next-chapter to find out how you can help prepare workers for the economy of the future.

The First and Only Outskilling Company

Outskilling is the practice of helping workers develop new skills that they can use to enter a whole new career outside their current company. We offer an Employee Benefit and a Recruiting Service

How it Works

We Enable Successful Career Transitions Through Coaching & Vocational Training


1. Plan

2. Prepare

3. Place

Through coaching, we help front-line workers explore their preferences and discover attractive on term careers

We facilitate training to help workers gain in-demand technical skills

We support workers through the hiring process to ensure they are succesfully placed and onboarded into a new role at a new organization


We empower frontline workers with guidance, training, and job placement while helping companies build a reputation as both caring and innovative.



We expand the talent pool of hard-to-fill positions with a highly qualified and pre-vetted pipeline of recently certified candidates.


In the News


..is giving rise to innovative, new players like Outset, which aims to re-write the outskilling playbook for employers and displaced workers by combining training and certification, coaching, and job placement.


Outset ...streamlines the process for businesses all the way from employee training to new job placement. Companies hire Outset to act as a neutral party between businesses wanting to outskill their employees and hirers searching for middle-skill workers. It’s a mix of practical and classroom training, and usually last three to nine months.

Outset Careers

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